Making forever ,
one puppy at a time.

We’re Sunny Hurricane Siberians, and we take a different approach;
that’s why we consider ourselves a wholesome breeder—but what does that mean?

Sunny Hurricane Siberians
Happy Puppies

Mental Wellness

Our puppies are not raised in farms; they’re raised just like you would do it if you had adopted: with lots of love, attention and free roaming.

Sunny Hurricane Siberians
A Great Diet

Wholesome Meals

As humans, we try to avoid overly processed and artificial foods, so why feed it to your extended family? Our puppies are raised with organic and wholesome meals.

Sunny Hurricane Siberians
For Pups and Adults Alike

Health + Wellness

Dogs have many needs, and we’re in tune with them. From ample room to run and play as they grow up, to the support of mom at every step of the way, we put our dogs first.

Sunny Hurricane Siberians

Best Friend Ready

Because of our wholesome approach to breeding, most puppies come ready to be your best friend. Of course, as with all dogs, we can’t guarantee they’ll be completely silent when the mail man comes around. We can however promise that our puppies are raised with love and they’ll make the perfect addition to your family. Well, go on, adopt one already!


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News and Updates

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